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Introduction to NSP


Nokia's Network Services Platform (NSP) provides a carrier software-defined networking (SDN) platform that unifies service automation, network optimization, and dynamic assurance so that network operators can deliver on-demand network services efficiently, profitably, and with scalability. It also integrates Nokia's IP and optical network management platforms with the carrier SDN platform into one comprehensive software product of inter-working modules.


NSP Architecture

The Nokia NSP consists of a suite of interoperable modules that provide SDN control for automation of service fulfillment, network optimization, dynamic assurance, and comprehensive network management spanning the multiple domains and technology layers of IP/MPLS, Ethernet, and optical networks. This modular design supports a variety of deployment options. Each NSP module can be deployed and operated independently, or in combination with one or more additional modules. The architectural diagram illustrates a typical multi-module deployment for a carrier SDN IP and Optical deployment scenario.
See the NSP Deployment Overview Guide for more information on NSP, its modules, and the various deployment options supported.