Explore use cases for getting to production quicker

Welcome to our use-case-based tutorials providing a collection of feature-rich introductory examples that span NSP's key functional areas. The tutorials describe step-by-step workflows with links to sample scripts in a variety of programming languages for each use case.

Getting Started with NSP APIs

Get introduced to the API services that will help you to develop your first API client that accesses, authenticates and locates NSP API services as well as perform basic configuration requests

Kafka Notification Service

Learn about NSP’s notification service that allows API Client applications to receive and monitor notifications that originate from NSP managed networks

Inventory Management APIs

Discover NSP API REST services that allow API Clients to perform inventory retrieval operations on a variety of objects that reside on an NSP IP/Optical and SDN Managed Networks

Assurance APIs

Learn how to assure NSP networks using NSP’s REST API services for Fault Management, OAM Diagnostics and Network/Service Performance management using Performance management and Telemetry KPI statistics

Analytics APIs

Learn how to embed NSP Analytics reports that provides dashboard views of a variety of network conditions, patterns and trends into your own applications

SDN Control/Fulfill/Optimize APIs

Discover the rich set of REST API services that initiates SDN control of MPLS & Optical path computation decisions, fulfills multi-vendor, multilayer and multi-domain network services and optimizes SDN networks

IP Management APIs

Learn about the REST API services that allows API clients to perform a variety of operations such as inventory management, network configuration and assurance on an NSP managed IP/MPLS network

User and Session Management

Learn about the REST API for manipulating the local nspOS user database for SDN-only installations

Device Administrator APIs

Learn about REST services that allow API clients to define mediation policies for discovering and administering devices using the NSP’s MDM framework

Modeled Device Driven Configurator APIs

Learn about RESTCONF APIs that allow API clients to configure parameters on compatible NEs managed by the NSP’s MDM framework