The NSP Carrier SDN Lab provides a platform for anyone looking to develop solutions using Nokia Carrier SDN Network Services Platform (NSP) APIs.

We understand the challenges of getting access to a lab environment. We want to make it easier by providing the ability to create your own labs that meet your development needs.

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All Carrier SND Labs are deloyed on bare metal servers in public cloud. You must register an account with before deploying a lab. You are responsible for paying the expenses associated with the servers on which your lab is deployed. Please consult for current pricing. The Lab Cataloglists the estimated cost for each lab.

You are only a few steps away from your very own Carrier SDN Lab. See below for a step-by-step walkthrough to get your Carrier SDN Lab up and running. If you have any questions about Carrier SDN Labs, please consult the FAQ or contact us.

Register and setup

1: Sign up or login to
2: Create a new project

Select "Manage" from the left menu and then click "CREATE NEW PROJECT"

3: Name your project

Choose a name for your project.

4: Collaborate

Invite (Please login to see the email address) to your project and select "Create Project".

This invitation allows the NSP Developer Portal to create the necessary servers to deploy your Carrier SDN Lab.

5: Project ID

Click "Manage" from the left menu and find your new project. Take note of the "Project ID:" as it will be required when requesting your Carrier SDN Lab.

Please Note:

  • You must pay for a server in any state other than deleted. Please consult for current pricing
  • Do not create a server yourself. The correct server(s) will be created by the NSP Developer Portal

Deploy your Carrier SDN Lab

1: Login to NSP Developer Portal
2: Select your lab

If you have a voucher, click the "Redeem voucher" button.

Otherwise, select "Lab Catalog" from the "Carrier SDN Lab" drop down menu.

Click "Request lab" for the lab you wish to deploy.

3: Complete the request form

Complete the lab request form.

Please Note that only the specified public IP addresses can access the provisioned lab. You can change the public IP addresses for you lab by selecting the Info icon info icon from My Labs to see the lab details.

4: Lab eployed

Once you complete the form, you will be taken to the My Labs section. Here you can see the deployment status. Once the status is "Ready", your lab is ready for use and you will receive an email with full acces details.

Access your Carrier SDN Lab

1: Lab details

Select My Labs from the Carrier SDN Lab pull-down menu. Click the Info inco info icon to see details of your lab. User names and passwords will have been sent to you once your lab was deployed

2: Launchpad

Click the Launchpad URL to access the NSP applications via the NSP Launchpad. If you want your lab details to be sent you again, click the "Resend lab details" button.

3: First NSP API requests

Watch the My first NSP API client video to learn how to create and send your first requests to the NSP hosted in your lab

Modify or delete your Carrier SDN Lab

1: Teardown date

To change your lab teardown date, click the Info inco info icon from My Labs table, select a new date and click on commit to commit the change.

2: Public IP addresses

To change or add new public IP addresses, enter the new addresses and click on commit to commit the change. Valid entry types are single IP ( or subnet ( Multiple entries can be comma separated or one per line.

3: Delete your lab

If you want to delete your lab prior to teardown date, click on the Delete icon delete icon and confirm by clicking on the Delete button.

Please Note:


NSP IP Management with SDN


NSP 17.6, NSP 17.9


SDN IP Management lab allows for IP/MPLS network management functions while also providing SDN service provisioning and resource control

Approximate cost:

$30 USD a day

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We are currently in Beta. Access to NSP labs will be changing soon.


NSP IP / Optical Management with SDN


NSP 17.6, NSP 17.9


SDN IP and Optical Management lab allows for multi-domain network management and optimization, cross domain resource control and

Approximate cost:

$30 USD a day

Answers to common questions about the Carrier SDN Lab are provided below. If you have additional questions, please contact us.


Who can use the Carrier SDN Labs?

Any ISV's and developers who want to develop applications and solutions based on NSP technology. Register now to get started!

What Carrier SDN Labs are offered?

See the Lab Catalog to choose the lab that suits your needs. While we continue to enrich our offering, we welcome your feedback to help us build the labs that meet your needs.

Where are the labs hosted?

All Carrier SND Labs are deployed on bare metal servers in the public cloud. You can choose to deploy in their Silicon Valley, Amsterdam or Tokyo data centers.

What is the cost?

Although we don’t charge you for using the Carrier SDN labs, you are responsible for paying the expense associated with the servers on which your labs are hosted. See the Lab Catalog for estimated costs. Please consult Packet for current pricing on servers.

How do I request a lab?

Firstly, you must create an account with Packet. For every lab, you must create a project and invite (Please login to see the email address) so we can deploy the server on which your lab will be hosted. Do not create the server yourself, we will create the server for you during lab deployment.

Secondly, select a lab from the Lab Catalog and submit a lab request by filling in the required info. You will receive an email notification to confirm your request. It takes approximately 1 hour to deploy a lab.

Why do I need to provide public IP addresses when I request a lab?

We want to make sure that only you and your designated users can access your lab.

What happens on the lab teardown date?

Your lab is available until 23:59 UTC of the teardown date. After that it will be automatically torn down.

Can I change the teardown date of my deployed lab?

Yes, the teardown date can be changed. Select the Info icon info icon from My Labs to see the lab details then select a new teardown date.

Can I delete my lab prior to the teardown date?

Yes, simply select the Delete icon delete icon for your lab from My Labs.

Do you provide support for my labs?

There is no SLA for the Sandbox. Please contact us with your questions. We will make our best effort to get back to you.

Can I certify my applications with NSP?

If you are interested in certifying interoperability of your applications with NSP, please contact us.